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Here is info on the performers for DECEMBER 9th.

This month Songwriter Sanctum is featuring:

Lisa M. & Rick

Tom Renaud

Michael Jackson Moore

Tracy Newman

Bill Berry

Dylan Brody

Dale LaDuke

Jeannie Willets

John M.

Lisa Turner

Bill Burnett

Sabrina & Craig

Felice Peres

Ric Taylor

Tim Tedrow & Terry Vreeland

Lorin Hart


Berington Van Campen

...and special guests!


This 4th Annual Holiday Show is once again graciously MC'd for us by Sabrina & Craig!!



Here is info on the performers for NOVEMBER 11th.

This month Songwriter Sanctum is featuring:

Tracy Newman & The Reinforcements, Tom Renaud, John M., and Phil Ward



Each one of Tracy Newman's songs is a sparkling gem. They are quirky, touching, funny,

and sometimes true -- like watching a complete 4-minute movie and just as satisfying.

Accompanied for this show by her outstanding band, The Reinforcements, Tracy will

capture your heart from the stage. Primarily influenced by the Kingston Trio,

as a teen she wanted to be a folksinger, but her parents insisted she go to college. It’s

taken her a while to get back to her dream. Along the way, Tracy worked as an Emmy

award winning TV writer and producer, and co-wrote the "Coming Out" episode on

Ellen. She has been writing songs all along and is once again performing full-time.

Her debut CD is called A Place in the Sun and her recent release is I Just See You.

Tom Renaud is a contemporary folk singer and guitarist, playing music that uplifts
spirits. He was a monk for 25 years, living in Colorado, Nova Scotia, and Ireland. All the
while he worked on the guitar and wrote songs. In 2005 Tom left the monastery and
now teaches -- but music continues to be his favorite work. He has recorded with folk
duo Evans & Doherty, receiving national airplay in Canada, and was a finalist in the 2007
Great American Song Contest for "Ripened Fields of Corn." With his songs, presence,
and personality the audience is engaged by a sense of open-heartedness, woven
through with poetic stories. Tom's guitar playing never fails to impress. His CD
"Walk Till Morning," is a collection of original songs written over the last 20 years.



When John M. performs, he doesn’t just sing AT you, he connects with you and you

become friends. An energetic and dynamic singer/songwriter, his melodies will stay in

your head. He has a way of drawing the listener in and getting them to sing along on

many of his contagiously lively songs. Other tunes cut to the heart of the matter and

hold up a mirror in which we see our lives. According to Brian Austin Whitney, the

founder of Just Plain Folks, "John M. writes songs from the heart and delivers them

with passion!" His Christmas song, "That’s What Christmas Is To Me," still receives

radio and television airplay, and has done so every year since it was first released

over a decade ago. You can catch one of John's shows in L.A. and beyond.

Phil Ward is a humorous singer/songwriter who records on the Trough Records label.
His poker-faced takes on everything, from English writing assignments to elevators,
romance to discount pain therapy, will leave you laughing, sometimes while nodding in
amazed recognition. Phil has long been a respected member of the L. A. Acoustic
Underground. His solo career has taken him to venues all over Southern California, from
comedy clubs like The Ice House and The National Comedy Theatre, to
Disneyland and Universal Studios, to legendary music joints like The Whisky and
Highland Grounds. "(Phil's) risky, rapid-fire rhymes, oddball topics and deadpan
delivery bring to mind Tom Lehrer and Loudon Wainwright III." -- SING OUT!