July 22nd Songwriter Sanctum -- Enjoy awesome out-of-towners and win free CD's!

07/19/2012 06:22

JULY 22nd 2:00pm

This month we're very excited to be presenting a show with some of the best
visiting songwriters you'll ever hear. These folks will be coming from many miles
away to grace our stage, so don't miss this opportunity to hear them while
they're here in L.A.! How fortunate I am that my musical curiosity leads me to
places where I can hear and meet such talented out-of-towners. Oh! And as a
special treat (speaking of talent), in exchange for one of the acts who had to
cancel since her touring took her far away...we will toss one highly revered,
yet often irreverent, local songwriter into the mix, as well.
Intrigued? You should be.

PLUS...this will be one of our CD-Gift-Basket-Give-Away days! One lucky person
will go home with a FREE gift basket full of CD's from various artists we've had
perform at Songwriter Sanctum. Come early, sign up on the special list by 2:00,
and your name will be automatically entered into a drawing to receive the CD
gift basket. You MUST sign the list by 2:00pm -- only the names on the list
at that time, whether there are 3 or 30, will be entered in the drawing!

*Thanks to all the performers who have donated their wonderful CD's!*