September 23rd Songwriter Sanctum -- Celebrating International Peace Day with music!

09/12/2012 08:22

SEPTEMBER 23rd 2:00pm 

We'll be celebrating -- and working toward -- peace with the help of this
month's stellar line-up of song makers. We need peace now just as much as
ever, so putting our focus on it can work to increase awareness and send the
right message out into the universe. Music is the perfect medium for
that! Talk about living in harmony...a couple of our acts specialize in
harmonizing, and we'll be privy to their deliciously good vibrations. Add to
that a singer whose soothingly peaceful purring can tame wild beasts and
a social activist songstress with moxie...and our Peace Day celebration is
sounding sweet! For the cherry on top, we'll be hearing our artist-in-residence
perform -- and it's just one week before his long-awaited CD release
concert, which you won't want to miss.
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