November 11th Songwriter Sanctum -- Pouring out thanks for the blessings of music and its makers!

11/09/2012 22:02
NOVEMBER 11th 2:00pm

Well, the holidays are upon us, turkeys are cringing, weather is changing, the
president is sticking around, veterans will be celebrated (Veteran's Day), I'm
another year older, and we've much to be thankful for! Music, family, and
friends are at the top of my list. I'm very grateful for the music makers and
this month our concert will highlight several who pour their hearts into what
they do for our enjoyment. We'll have a variety of superb songwriting, much
humor, and most definitely something musical for everyone's tastes!
Speaking of tastes...


Since this show is just before our biggest feasting day of the year,
let's make it a
Food Drive! Please bring along at least one
unopened can, box,
sealed pouch, or jar of food to donate. These should all be new, in good shape,
and not need refrigeration. Preferably themed for the season -- canned corn
or spinach, jars of cranberry sauce, canned salmon, boxes of add-water
potatoes, rice, and so on. Most importantly, just bring something, and our
gracious venue, the Church In Ocean Park, will see that the food is all
donated where it will do the most good! You KNOW you're gonna stuff
yourself in a couple weeks, so this is a way to feel good that you've helped
those who otherwise might not have had such a good holiday.'s CD Gift Basket Give-Away time!! For those of you who arrive at
the concert, DONATE, and SIGN UP on the Gift Basket list NO LATER than
you'll be automatically entered to win! Your odds could be excellent.
Arrive early and you may end up with a basket full of CDs
featuring many of the amazing and talented artists we've had play at
Songwriter Sanctum, as well as others. Big thanks to all the musicians who
have donated their CDs for these give-aways!