West Coast TRAIN (Tour Route & Info Network)

West Coast TRAIN is my vision for a chain of venue operators and concert presenters along the west coast -- from San Diego to Alaska! -- who make up an actual gig network for artists when touring up/down the coast... This is a project I've wanted to work on for quite some time. Discussions are in progress, with many more to take place!


Touring musicians frequently contact me, sometimes asking for a gig, sometimes because they need good suggestions on where else to play in Los Angeles! For years I've thought how helpful it would be if there were some kind of system in place so that a touring performer could be assured of a solid few days of shows when they get to town. That would make their touring pay off better.


It seemed there would be a solution if we local venues focused on this together, somehow. Why not? Can't we work as a team to support the music we love, while still maintaining our own booking autonomy? I began dreaming up the Touring Route and Information Network (TRAIN). Then, to take it a juicy step further, I realized I'd like to coordinate that type of thing all up and down the coast, from San Diego to Alaska. It will take some carefully thought out planning, but I'm sure we music presenters can cooperate enough to become an organized chain of willing contacts and possible gigs for touring musicians.


Whenever I've discussed this with presenters I meet from areas other than mine, they love the idea! We just have to have more dialogue and figure out the logistics of implementing it, while still keeping the unique flavor of our own shows.


So, whether you're a musician or a presenter...

Climb on board the West Coast Songwriter TRAIN!!!